Over 80% of architectural designs in Australia don't make it to site.

We make sure yours does with our unique estimating and value management process. 

Our Services

BOQ Estimates, Cost Planning & Value Management

We provide you with a clear, accurate and extremely detailed outline of project costs in today's construction market. See a past example here.


Not having a detailed cost estimate done during the early stages in the project can result in;

  • Wasting months of time in planning

  • Construction costs blow out by 30-50%

  • Project Failure 

Getting a detailed cost plan done before town planning submission is essential to profitable developments. Our process is different from the industry standard, and it makes all the difference.

Subcontractor & Wholesale Supplier Quoting

Avoid overpaying for materials and finishes!

Get access to our network of wholesale suppliers which has saved our clients saving up to 50% on fit-out materials, compared to quotes they received on their own. 

Builder Sourcing & Tender Management

We can source suitable builders for your project and manage every aspect of the tender.


Having builders go through our processes & procedures results in less variations and nasty surprises down the track. 

Don't Risk Your Project Never Getting Built.

Why does this happen so often?

We think there are a number of factors that contribute to the majority of building designs never going to site.

- Architects are very good at design, not numbers.

- Quantity surveyors do not get involved in projects below $2m in value. Leaving any estimating to the designer.

- Building designers work to your brief and design the dream. If they don't understand constructions costs, you're in trouble.

At Estimatey, we implement a step-by-step procedure that works maximise your return on investment and reduces project risks.


You should be locking in profits before the town planning submission!

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