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Helping you make sense of builder quotes to prevent any surprises down the track.

Investing a small bit now could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars tomorrow. 

Upload your builder quotes.

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Send through all your documentation and quotes received for our team to get working. 

Estimatey team reviews & sends report back to you.

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Within 48-hours our team will send you a detailed report highlighting any issues or gaps in the quotes provided.

Estimatey will organize an inclusions list, docs, contract terms.

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To address the issues found, we will prepare a standardized format for your builders to quote on to ensure nothing is missed.


Send the updated information to your builders.

We will liaise with the builders to make sure they understand what to do next and deadlines are met.

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Advise you on which builder to select.

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Based on the response and updated quotes we will give you our recommendation on who to go with.

Estimatey reviews building contract before you sign.

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Before you sign the dotted line we will review the building contract to ensure all terms are fair and favourable. 

Feeling confused about what's included and what you're really getting from a builder?

You're not alone. 

Estimatey has been helping regular people understand and make sense of quotations from builders. 

Move forward with the right builder with an absolute understanding of what you're getting and how much it's going to cost.

Reduce the risk of things going sour on your project and book a free call below!

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Pricing Schedule

All Prices INC GST

**The upfront cost of the silver & gold packages are the same to you.


In our gold offering, we take control of the tendering process and invite our exclusive network of builders to bid for your project.


They have been pre-vetted for quality, capability, and finances.


The winning builder pays Estimatey a 2% service fee upon signing contracts. This fee will be deducted from the builder's margin.


The Talk of the Town

Thanks to the  Estimatey team for picking up dozens of provisional sums that were way underpriced in my quote.

I had no idea what a reasonable allowance for finishing materials should be.

The team swiftly identified the issues and dealt with my builder to negotiate a better deal.

Happy for you to use me as a reference.

- Nabil K 

Young Man
Person's Name

I would describe Estimatey's service as 'Confidence in Construction'.

My wife and I were hesitant to sign the dotted line with any builder as we've never built a home before.

Estimatey made the process transparent and easy to understand.

They also suggested a few builders which was great. We ended up signing with one of their recommendations.

- Rod & Alisha V

Sign the Lease
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I really had no idea what I was looking at when my builder provided me his quote. 

I came across Estimatey on Facebook a few days later and they explained everything to me in a clear and simple way.

The feeling of being confused about what was included in the quotes I received went away.

Finally, they gave me the confidence to go ahead with one of the builders who tendered on my custom home.

- Laura M

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Being a property developer I'm usually quite switched on about how to deal with builders.

I wanted to test out Estimatey to see if I could sub-off all my tender processes to them.

Best decision I've made in 2021. Having a whole team looking after this side of my business allows me to focus on finding sites and spending more time in other areas of my life.

Cheers guys!

- Oliver T

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A quick review of your quote could save you so much pain down the track - it's a no brainer. 

Join thousands of consumers that used our service to help them through this complex construction process. 

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